Latest Update on the development of Bioluminescent Light

February 18, 2019, Bangkok, Thailand - Things are getting exciting in the laboratory of PLB with the experimental bioluminescent light getting brighter in its intensity. According to Dr. Soontorn Piromsartkoon, company Founder and President, they are happy to inform the investing public that they have achieved a brighter bioluminescent light from their latest experiments (See photos).
“We have increased the number of the host microorganism, approximately between 1,2 to 1,4 billion cells and the results are amazing”, Dr. Soontorn remarked. He also said that they are now developing a bioluminescent light that can enable him to see a book.
This latest development on the experimental bioluminescent light gave the inspiration to the PLB Team led by Dr. Soontorn, to proceed with the experimentation that will hopefully lead to the first prototype bioluminescent lamp under the GlowGlobe trademark.
The startup company is now open for venture capitalists, angel investors, and investment banks for possible venture capital funding to enable the company to achieve the prototype for full-scale commercialization of the bioluminescent lighting system to provide living light to the world in the next few years, based on their research planning (see for the research and development program of the company).


December 20, 2018, Bangkok, Thailand - The Team of the Perpetual Light. Biotechnologies Co., Ltd (PLB) wishes to announce the latest update on the on-going development of perpetual bioluminescent light.
According to Dr. Soontorn Piromsartkoon, Founder and President of PLB, “We use a photobacterium called phosphoreum, to make the bioluminescent light brighter and it takes time to generate to produce a perpetual bioluminescent light, our goal of experimentation.” He further said that it will take a billion of the photobacterium to generate a perpetual bioluminescent light, hence, development will take time.
However, the Company President assures the investing public that they are working according to the research and development (R & D) program as announced in their website, and they are on schedule. It should be recalled that the R & D Program has five phases covering a period of five years, or less.
The latest update is part of the ongoing experimentation leading to the development of a prototype of the perpetual bioluminescent light. Once prototype is achieved, small-scale commercialization will be the most awaited next goal for the GlowGlobe bioluminescent lighting system. The ultimate goal is a full-scale commercial perpetual bioluminescent lighting system that will provide alternative light to the world in the near future.

Breakthrough on the proof of concept of bioluminescent light

October 19, 2018, Bangkok, Thailand - Dr. Soontorn Piromsartkoon, Founder and President of Perpetual Light Biotechnologies, Co., Ltd. is happy to announce that the company has just made a breakthrough on the proof of concept of bioluminescent light from luciferase protein. The luciferase in bacteria produced a beautiful blue-colored bioluminescent light (See photos 1 & 2). This is the first step in Phase 2 of the 5-Year Research and Development Program of the company. The PLB Team led by Dr. Soontorn Piromsartkoon, his Co-Founder and VP for Business Strategy, Dr. Marites A. Khanser, and the company scientist, Dr. Kiattawee Choowongkomon, who is Co-Founder and VP for Research and Development, are all jubilant for this breakthrough which will ultimately lead to the development of the prototype of the perpetual bioluminescent lighting system.
Dr. Soontorn Piromsartkoon assures the investing public that the startup company will continue to work hard to achieve the goal of prototyping and eventual commercialization of the perpetual bioluminescent lighting system, the living light of the future.


September 15, 2020, Bangkok, Thailand – A Breakthrough in our prototype development has just been recently achieved by our PLB research team despite a hiatus of some six months due to COVID-19 pandemic. A product design called a miniature waterfall fueled by bioluminescent light has been produced.

It is our first attempt at prototyping that will soon lead us to our goal –commercialization of our innovative bioluminescent lighting systems and products.

The bioluminescent- lighted miniature waterfall is ideal for home gardens during nighttime and will provide light in a romantic way.

We are happy to inform our potential investors that this is now the best time to invest in our company for its pioneering bioluminescent lighting systems with various innovative product designs to suit the needs of our customers. Our research team continues to find ways to ensure the safety of our customers in the near future. This is according to our Founder and President, Dr. Soontorn Piromsartkoon who has the indomitable passion to commercialize the bioluminescent light to provide light to 1.4 billion people in the world that have no access to electricity.

About Us

Startup Company Background

When we were selected to join as Fellows of the IDE (Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship) 2018 Accelerator Program of Thailand and MIT-Boston, USA, from November 26, 2017 to March 21, 2018, we called our team as Team Perpetual Light Biotechnologies. There were four of us in the team that were trained under the IDE Accelerator with mentors and coaches from UTCC in Thailand and MIT in the USA. We learned the 24 Steps to Disciplined Entrepreneurship and on how to build up our business opportunity. We won the Best Idea Award 2018 for our product idea on perpetual lighting system using bioluminescence. Unlike the other teams in the Accelerator, our product idea belongs to the frontiers of science since we will be using biotechnology, specifically, synthetic biology. To quote Steve Jobs (Issacson, 2011), “The biggest innovation of the twenty-first century will be the intersecton of technology and biology. A new era is beginning.”

Indeed, the disruptive innovations today and in the foreseeable future are coming and will be coming from the intersection of technology and biology. Biotechnology presents exciting possibilities to make our life better, to secure the world from hunger, disease, and other world woes. From our experience with IDE Accelerator, we decided to put up a startup company called “Perpetual Light Biotechnologies company” limited and to locate it in Thailand.

Mission and vision and philosophy for the startup

Our trademark for our brand is GlowGlobe Lighting System and our tagline is “Glowing the Globe.” We believe that our bioluminescent light is a living light, and it is the Light of the Creator. Thus, when “the Light of the Creator spreads throughout the Globe, darkness and evil will vanish from the face of the Earth.”

Our Mission

We want to be an inventor of bioluminescent perpetual lighting to generate alternative light for the 1400 million of the world population that are still in darkness and have no access to electricity.
We want to contribute to environmental protection through our green energy that does not have carbon footprint.

Our Vision

We want to be a leader of green energy in the world though our GlowGlobe product, a perpetual bioluminescent lighting system.

Our Business Philosophy

We believe that creativity and innovation will drive the intersection of technology and biology.

Fourth Industrial Revolution and Disruptive Innovation

We rise to the social challenge of coming up with an alternative green energy and providing lighting system using bioluminescence to those who have no electricity and we offer to Thailand and the Philippines, and then throughout Asia then we will go global and reach out to those in the world who need alternative light. This is a disruptive Innovative solution for rural communities with no access to electricity. There are four fundamental questions that we would like to address for Perpetual Light Biotechnologies Company by GLOWGLOBE LIGHT PRODUCT.

Current Situation: Where are we now?

  • ► We are at the cusp of a great Forth industrial revolution called Industry 4.0 for Glow Globe perpetual bioluminescent lighting system
  • ► Technology and innovation are enabling us to enjoy the benefits of technology-driven products and services of Glow Globe product.
  • ► Artificial Intelligence has enabled manufacturing sectors to increase our productivity in repetitive and mundane tasks.
  • ► We are laying in the groundwork for the new economic engine, i.e. fourth Industrial Revolution

First Question: Where are we heading?

  • ► our direction is towards full commercialization of our Glow Globe perpetual bioluminescent lighting system
  • ► We would like to supply first the Asian market with our product then we will go global and reach out to those in the world who need alternative light.

Second Question: What are our drivers for this future?

  • ► a strong and dedicated team of experts and scientists
  • ► an excellent molecular biology laboratory
  • ► Access to “venture capital” funding for our startup costs and investments
  • ► We need the triple helix collaboration– academe, industry, government – for an enabling ecosystem that will support our disruptive innovation
  • ► The existence of a strong market for our product

Third Question: What could the future look like?

  • ► Communities who have no access to electricity will be having our Glow Globe products in their homes and in their streets.
  • ► In times of natural disasters, our Glow Globe product can continue to provide continuous light
  • ► Our company will have branches all over Asia, and the world
  • ► Sustainability of our Glow Globe products through research and development and effective marketing
  • ► Triple bottom line is addressed – more jobs for People, environmental protection for our Planet, and prosperity for our stakeholders through a Profitable business.

Fourth Question: How do we achieve our desired future?

  • ► develop a prototype that will prove that our Glow Globe product works
  • ► Commercialization and scaling up
  • ► Quality control in the supply chain – green suppliers, compliance with government regulations, observance of strict protocol in the manufacturing process
  • ► Negotiations with venture capitalists, angel investors, financing institutions or grants for venture capital funding
  • ► Hiring of dedicated and committed experts and scientists for our laboratory
  • ► Delight the customers with quality Glow Globe products that will provide bioluminescent light for their homes, offices, and malls, and Street Light, communities

Research Planning
Perfetual Light

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Our Team

Soontorn Piromsartkoon, DBA Founder/President

Soontorn Piromsartkoon, B.Eng, M.EEM, MBA, DBA, has an Engineering Management Background and currently holds the position of the President of Mentor Management and Consultant Company located in Thailand. This company is well known for a consulting of engineering and management in Thailand and is into promoting it to the global market as well. He is a specialist in the field of Civil Engineering and Environment Engineering and Management from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT).
Dr. Soontorn has started to do research and writing a book and has worked together with Dr. Khanser during the IDE 2018 Accelerator Program of Thailand and MIT-Boston for the bioluminescent perpetual lighting start up.
In addition, Dr. Soontorn works also as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Marketing Officer for Toechok Company Limited, Thailand of that provides a tourism network in the form of a web platform.

Marites A. Khanser, DBA Co-Founder/Vice President

Marites A. Khanser, DBA was formerly a permanent, full time faculty with a rank of Full Professor for eight years under the School of Business and Economic (SBE) of the University of San Carlos (USC), in Cebu City, Philippines. Dr. Khanser recently won for her team the Best Idea Award 2017-2018, a prestigious award from IDE Accelerator 2018 Program of Thailand and MIT-Boston for their product idea on developing a perpetual lighting system using bioluminescence. She is also an author of several books, especially, the business biography of John L. Gokongwei, Jr., a Filipino-Chinese taipan in the Philippines, titled, John L. Gokongwei, Jr.: The Path of Entrepreneurship (Khanser, 2007), published by the Ateneo de Manila University.
Dr. Khanser finished a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from the De La Salle University (DLSU), Manila, Philippines, in 1998. She is an international researcher, a book author, and a Management Consultant to industry clients.

Thammanit Varaporn (Ph.D. Politics and Administration) Honorary Adviser

Dr. Thammanit Varaporn is a Thai national, he finished in 1980 a Doctorat De 3 eme Cycle vie Politique Administrative Toulose University (France). Dr.Varaporn has an international Business background and currently holds the position of the Honorary Adviser of Mentor Management and Consultant Company limited (MMC) and Perpetual Light Biotechnologies Company, Limited (PLB) both located in Thailand. This company is well known for a consultancy of engineering and management in Thailand and is into promoting it to the global market as well. Dr. Varaporn is a Specialist in the field of Political Science.
From 2006 to 2018, Dr. Varaporn has been the Director of Political Science of Eastern University of Managerial and Technology, Ubolrajathanee. His areas of experience and competencies range from Human Resource Development, Organizational Development, Training and Organizational Behavior. His language skills include fluency in French, English and Thai. He brings his management wisdom and vast experience to MMC and PLB as the companies’ Honorary Adviser.

Kiattawee Choowongkomon, PhD Co-Founder and Vice –President for Research and Development

Kiattawee Choowongkomon, Ph.D., is currently an Associate Professor of the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, of Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand. He earned his Ph.D. in Cell Physiology from Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, USA in 2005, and his M.S. in Biochemistry from Lehigh University, PA, USA, in 1999. His research interests are on Protein Purification, Protein Structure, Protein NMR, Protein Crystallography, Cloning and Expression Protei, Protein Simulation, and Biosensor. He has an impressive number of journal publications, totaling 61, published in various scientific journals from 2002 to 2018.
His joining the PLB team as co-Founder and Vice-President for Research and Development will enable the startup company to achieve its goal of commercialization of a perpetual bioluminescent lighting system with the GlowGlobe product brand. His scientific expertise will be put to good use in research and development to ensure quality control of PLB products.

Supaporn Seetaha, PhD Director of PLB Laboratory

Supaporn Seetaha, Ph.D. is the Director of PLB Laboratory, and is Assistant Scientist of the VP for Research and Development. Her area of expertise is on Molecular Biology, Protein Engineering, Proteomic and Protein Structure. She is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher of the Department of Biochemistry, Kasetsart University, Thailand. She has a Ph.D. in Bioscience, and an M.Sc. in Biochemistry. She has impressive scientific credentials and her scientific research articles have been published in reputable journals. She had conducted research projects both in Thailand and in Japan through the years. Her expertise, educational background, and scientific training in Cloning, Transformation, DNA sequencing will be very valuable in the PLB laboratory for the production of bioluminescent lighting system. She brings with her knowledge of molecular biology, and biochemistry as she joins the scientific team of Perpetual Light Biotechnologies, Co., Ltd., in Bangkok, Thailand. As Director of the laboratory, she takes charge of the day - to - day operations and assist the Vice-President for Research and Development in the goal of coming up with a prototype and eventual commercialization of the bioluminescent lighting products. The PLB management is happy to welcome her to the family.

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